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2 harmonicas Huang Musette 24 harmonica Key of C w/ original box + Hohner Echo


Huang Professional Three Chromatic Octaves,1248


Huang Musette 24 Model 133X Harmonica Twin Set C/C# 24 Hole 48 Reed Tremolo-Tune


Huang Musette 16 tremolo tuned harmonica-new'old stock'in box,key of C


Swan Master Chromatic Harmonica Huang Wen Sheng 12 Holes 48 Notes


Grand Ole Opry Harmonica with Case Made by Huang


Huang 105 Country and Blues Harmonica Gold Frontiers Harp


Huang Chromatic harmonica lot: Chromatic,Tremolo,and Octave in great condition!


Huang Musette 6 Harmonica


Huang Musette 24 Twin Pack in the Keys of C and C#


Huang Musette 24 Tremolo harmonica Key of C


Vintage Huang Bac Pac Harp Harmonica Made in China Comes with a Hard Gray Case


Huang Star Performer Harmonica C Model 102 - Ergonomic Shape! Free USA Shipping


NEW One Huang Harmonica 10 Holes 20 Tone Diatonic Blues Harp C/D/E/F/G/A/Bb Key


Huang Woodwind Clarinet Black & Silver with Blue Lined Zippered Carrying Case


Dun Huang Brand Beginner Erhu Chinese Violin Fiddle Musical Instrument


TWO Huang Musette 24 Holes Tremolo Harmonica C+C# Pair Tuned Suzuki Humming


Huang Bac Pac Harp Harmonica in the Key of "C" and With Case


Huang Star Performer # 102 harmonica-new 'old stock',various keys available


2 Harmonicas Cathedral Concert Octave Organ Tone Huang &Parrot, New in Boxes


Huang Star Performer stainless steel harmonica with case, key of G


HUANG 108 10 Hole Blues Harmonica C Key


Huang Frontier 24-hole tremolo harmonica Key of C


Huang Star Performer 102 Rock and Roll Sound Harmonica - Key of E With Case


Huang Bac Pac Harp in box*


Huang Star Performer Rock and Roll Sound Harmonica - Key of D H102D




One Huang Silvertone Deluxe Harmonica Blues Diatonic Harmonica 10 Hole 20 Tone


Vintage Rare Huang Harmonica bB Key Blues Diatonic 10 Holes 20 Tone Jazz Blues


New Huang Harmonica 10 Holes 20 Tone Diatonic Blues Harmonica Bronze Color


Huang Bronze Color Harmonica Diatonic Blues Harmonica 10 Holes & Mini Harmonica


Huang Silvertone DeLuxe Harmonica w/ Hardcase